Fine Structure

LIGO Should Detect Gravity Waves by 2017

The LIGO sensors are getting upgrades in sensitivity that will help them observe gravitational waves - if gravitational waves exist, of course. Kip Thorne is perhaps the foremost expert on these kinds of waves that are theorized to distort space time as they travel outwards from huge gravitational events such as two black holes colliding.

Kip says that gravitational waves should be detectable in the range of between once per hour or once a year by 2017 at the latest. That's a pretty big range and he doesn't specify if that is uncertainty about the amount of gravitational waves created or simply the time range for larger events that LIGO will be able to detect.

I'm fascinated if they'll detect any "pixelation" of space time as GEO600 did three years ago. I'm not a big fan of the idea that the universe is somehow a giant hologram but the idea of the universe having some very fine underlying properties that we can detect with LIGO and GEO600 are steps towards a better understanding of the universe itself.

In addition, I'm pretty psyched that I can link to an article on Fine Structure from three and a half years ago. Blogs are forever! ]