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Just a Casual Plutonium Delivery

It's mid-July which means you'll always find some blog posts reflecting on the first atomic explosion at the Trinity site in New Mexico dated 16 July, 1945. Here's some of the more interesting behind the scenes photos that I've seen about the delivery of the plutonium core to the site (just a converted house in the middle of the desert) where it was added to the device.

The plutonium itself represents many hours of research and refinement by the very secret (at the time) Oak Ridge and Hanford labs. It's clear in these photos that not only is the package potentially dangerous for the individuals handling it but also that it is not quickly or easily recreated if something were to happen to it. A lot of hope rests on this package.

As a reminder, the Trinity site is open to visitors twice a year, in the spring and fall. While it would be nice to visit for the anniversary, the heat would probably be unbearable. ]