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Has CDMS Found Dark Matter?

Virgin Galactic made it all the way to biggest news of the day only because this next bit is rumor only.

Dark Matter is thought to make up about 25% of the mass in our universe (not to be confused with Dark Energy, which makes up ~70% of the mass, leaving our poor atoms at a measly 5%) and is notoriously difficult to detect since it is (supposedly) made up of particles that don't hit or otherwise interact with normal particles that we can see. The discovery of dark matter interacting with something that we can detect would be huge. Not only would it confirm that dark matter existed (for the theorists), it would open up a new avenue for exploring how dark matter interacts with regular matter (for experimentalists).

According to the blog Resonaances, the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS) has detected dark matter and is waiting until the 18th of December to announce it. How does Jester, author at Resonaances, know this? In short, it's pure speculation at this point but it does have some tangential data. Firstly, CDMS had some data that was scheduled to be released in the fall and was not (furthermore, a film crew was supposed to record the event and was turned away until a later date). Secondly, CDMS has an approved paper at Nature, embargoed (that is, no one can talk about it to the press) until the 18th of December. Nature is one of the top journals and generally accepts papers of maximum scientific importance.

Does this mean a big announcement for dark matter in the coming weeks? Perhaps, or perhaps not. It is just a rumor after all... ]