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Where Those Dollars for Science Went

This year, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provided $21 billion for scientific research through a grant approval process. Whatever your opinion is of the act itself, I think that you'll agree that US science severely needs the money and that the act provided a strong starting point for reinvestment in science for the future.

Slightly more granular details exist at a new site, Science Works for US, which details the number of grants and amount of money going to each state. Though they list the research institutions in each state that have received at least one grant, it would be nice to see details of the specific grants approved. This must be public information, right?

There's a middle ground between science and the public which is incredibly hard to fill and it exists in a number of different manifestations. This one, showing the public where science funding is going, is off to a good start with Science Works for US. More about this later today, I promise. ]