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What Will The LHC Really Find?

Now that the LHC is back on track to produce and circulate proton/antiproton beams, we can get back to the business of discussing what the LHC might find during it's early stages of operation.

NewScientist has taken just this task and produced a really excellent article (the cover story for their current issue, I think) on what the LHC might be able to prove. I think we're all pretty wiped out on Higgs boson (oh right, "god particle") and how it will neatly wrap up the standard model but this article goes into more detail. What if the Higgs is found and the standard model is essentially complete? Where do physicists go then? Supersymmetry is likely the next search in line for the LHC and, though the details are vague, there's some possibility that our first glimpse of supersymmetric particles could fall within the energy range for the LHC. Read through the full article for the details, I highly recommend it. ]