Fine Structure

National Lab Day

I was watching a short speech given by President Obama this morning on science, technology, engineering and math education (which you'd know if you followed Fine Structure on twitter). Obama is really dedicated to improving education for these fields and it shows with the start of a new effort to connect kids to mentors in science: National Lab Day.

National Lab Day is, in fact, a day in May where volunteers (experts, even!) collaborate with teachers and students to do interesting science and engineering activities. The idea is to get students excited about science and engineering, and what better way than to connect them to people who are passionate about these ideas in the first place?

NLD is also the beginning of an effort to create hubs of expertise in local communities so that experts can reach students who have an interest in these areas and foster some additional interest outside of schoolwork. I'm actually very curious to see one of these pop up in the Bay Area, as there are a number of scientists and other experts who would surely want to participate in these hubs (including myself!). ]