Fine Structure

The Place Where Math Geeks Go

Back when I was still in tech (full time, that is), I thought Stack Overflow was a great idea for a question and answer site related to programming. Ask questions, get answers, rate answers, mod up or down comments and generally have a nice community organized around reputation.

Since then, the guys behind Stack Overflow (Fog Creek) have generalized Stack Overflow into StackExchange, a hosted software package for a community to create their own reputation Q&A site. And now math geeks have a place to go and form a community; Math Overflow.

It's centered around serious mathematicians, just as Stack Overflow is centered around programmers (which means no "how do I integrate this?" questions). Probably not as widely applicable as it could be if it were aimed at a slightly larger user base, but that's the community they chose to create. Go check it out and ask some questions! ]