Fine Structure

Two-Week Wrap-Up

Welcome back, internets. I'm done with my two week vacation and I'm currently playing catchup with the approximately 600 unread items in the Science section of my feedreader. I'd like to actually get some work done today so I'm going to make this quick - here's what I determined to be interesting from the last two weeks:

NASA's inflatable heat sheild Don't worry so much about designing your spacecraft around being able to withstand the heat of reentry, just inflate this heat shield around your interestingly-shaped spacecraft!

Top quark mass to within 1% CDF improves on their top measurement yet again!

What happened to the Beagle 2? The fate of the Beagle 2 isn't a certainty beyond its final resting place at the bottom of a crater somewhere on Mars, but there are a couple theories about what caused the crash.

The August issue of Symmetry Magazine

Socks are Fermions Well, of course. I thought this was common knowledge. Although Tom doesn't mention virtual-nylon pairs, a critical component of the standard model of sock physics.

The Ares I-X stack is complete Following up the picture of the partially stacked Ares I-X from a couple weeks ago.

Planck starts collecting data Planck started to take data mid-August, a few months after its May 14th launch.

Maxwell, Maxwell, Maxwell, Maxwell More Maxwell then you could ever want.

What does one do with an Undergraduate Physics Degree? Go into another field, apparently. Physics grad students do not exist.

Did I miss anything important?