Fine Structure

The Simplicity of Virtual

It's not very often that the worlds of video games and science collide in such a way that I see fit to blog about it, but today is just one of those days. Jim Rossignol writes about the Fermi Paradox and how all these aliens we're supposed to be communicating with might just have stayed home and played video games. I wrote something similar about the future of innovation almost two years ago, although to get the same effect you'd have to equate the next generation of virtual world-embracing kids to aliens. Not too far of a stretch, right?

A couple things about this: does this presume that spaceflight is so abstract that travel beyond our solar system isn't viewed as critical to the survival of our species? Do we have to hit another major milestone in energy production before we can really afford to give up on the real world?

And how do we classify the creators of this final virtual world? Destroyers of our spaceflight dreams or visionaries of the future? It's a nice coincidence that this shows up close enough to my birthday that I'm starting to think I sound like some crazy old guy doing the equivalent of telling kids to get off my lawn. You kids and yer damn worlds of warcrafting. ]