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The Future of the LHC With Ed Witten

Ed Witten, mathematician, string theory champion and all-around very smart guy, has been spending the last year on sabbatical at the LHC. Obviously, this was timed in preparation for the first planned results from the giant particle collider, although that date has been skewed quite a bit after the explosive mishap of last year when a number of magnets needed replacing. Witten is planning on heading back to Institute for Advanced Study soon but CERN was sure to get a video interview of his thoughts on what the LHC will find in the coming months as it is slowly turned on again.

Not to ruin it, but he doesn't say anything incredibly surprising about the LHC. The most fascinating thing about the video, perhaps, is to watch his manner of speech. I think it's always fascinating to watch how scientists speak to the public about their work, especially when their work is so bleeding-edge like Witten's is. ]