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McKubre-Fusion Followup

Last week I mentioned the piece 60 Minutes did on Michael McKubre's work on cold fusion at SRI and a commenter recently added a link to a company website that explains how their particular brand of cold fusion works.

The company is Energetics Technologies, which has something to do with SRI, although I'm not sure what. Part of their demonstration video was definitely used in the 60 Minutes piece, although the full demo video gives a better sense at the "science" going on. The critical part goes something like this: saturate paladium with deuterium atoms, wait until they all start moving together and watch for fusion.

Like all good cold fusion experiments, some of it seems based on perfectly normal physics. The sketchy parts seem to rest on what happens when a paladium lattice is saturated with deuterium (does anyone know what the process of adding an atom to a lattice is called? I don't understand their explaination...) and, of course, if they're mismeasuring the amount of current going into the reaction. Although if they were really getting fusion, one would think it's pretty obvious that the output is greater than the input.

Finally, a note to cold fusion experimenters: please don't trademark a dumb marketing term like "SuperWave???" before you can use your technology to power a small city. I know you think it adds some sort of respect to your work without having anything to do with your results. Let me tell you, it does not. ]