Fine Structure

Blog Adjustments

Some minor adjustments to the blog! I was pretty happy with the style and format for the blog although I felt like the previous incarnation wasn't as browser-readable as it could be, so I took it upon myself to make some changes.

Think of it as the same content, but with more of an effort to engage the readership. It has put me a little behind on some feature posts I'm working on but, rest assured, they'll be better for baking longer.

For those of you reading from the comfort of your own RSS reader, I don't think you'll spot any changes. My apologies, however, for having marked the last 15 or so items as "new" again, some things are harder to fix than they're worth.

And for everyone, I'd be interested in hearing your feedback. Try out the new commenting system and see if you like it! You'll be asked to sign in now before you can comment but you can sign in with a plethora of different accounts including TypePad, Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, AOL/AIM, Blogger, LiveJournal, Vox, or any generic OpenID provider. Please shoot me an email if you run into any difficulties.