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Quantum Diaries, MINERvA's First Neutrinos

Quantum Diaries, an effort to get particle physicists blogging around the world, is back for another round of interesting dialogue. And the first post to really catch my eye? It's about neutrinos. Big surprise.

From Fermilab's MINERvA experiment, David Schmitz describes getting the first results from the hardware (he's perhaps a little too surprised that it worked):

"I immediately sent the plot out to the collaboration - about a hundred dedicated scientists and engineers working for the past several years to build this device.  There is a lot of challenging work ahead to decode the wealth of information contained in the signals from our new experiment.  But we have incontrovertible proof that the darn thing works, and that has a lot of us really excited."

Yet another neutrino experiment to follow. Horray!