Fine Structure

Particles Attempt Fermilab Takeover

April Fools is typically the day when all the uncreative people feel that they're being really creative by telling everyone that they're currently doing the exact opposite of what they're really doing (good to know they've developed a formula) but it's nice to see some more rigid structures loosen up a bit, like the daily Fermilab Today newsletter which put together an entire newsletter filled with fake news. Were I anywhere close to Fermilab, I probably would have shown up at 3.30pm for the "DIRECTOR'S KEG PARTY" event.

I generally share Tom's opinion from Swans on Tea, i.e. there's never a day where pranks are explicitly forbidden, and April 1st is simply the day that everyone expects it. As always, keep in mind for next year (and every year) that your april fools joke sucks.