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Cold Fusion on 60 Minutes

60 Minutes did a 12-minute piece on "cold fusion" that aired yesterday. It's curious for two reasons: first, because they get some skeptical people to say that excess heat is being generated, and second, because they end up deciding that cold fusion isn't the correct term and admit that they don't really know what's going on.

The story features Michael McKubre, an employee of SRI International. Understandably, McKubre and SRI want to spin these results positively and I have no doubt that CBS is willing to be paid to say whatever SRI wants them to say. Why is it fishy? McKubre has been touting his tabletop fusion for years including being in WIRED in 1998 and the Washington Post in 2004, amongst many others. Is this just the next big media push for SRI or does McKubre actually have some repeatable results this time? ]