Fine Structure

Is Wolfram|Alpha Attempting Artificial Intelligence?

Stephen Wolfram is at it again, this time with an attempt to computationally link knowledge together via a new project called Wolfram|Alpha (yes, the pipe character is important). The announcing blog post seems vague in the details but does suggest that the project is going to be "live" within two months of March 5th. And, just to be clear, I still don't understand how this all relates to the single input box on the home page (is this a knowledge search?).

Wolfram is a clever guy, no doubt, and there should be no criticism for being very ambitious (especially when he has so many resources at his command) but I wonder how defined this project really is? What is it's purpose? To me, it almost feels like he's trying to create computational brain structure, but in a very 1990s way (i.e. before we figured out that computers and brains work based on some significantly different principles).