Fine Structure

Hack Your Brain

The Boston Globe has more content worth reading that just The Big Picture. Check out this feature titled "Hack Your Brain" which is more about nifty tricks that fool your brain into generating or manipulating content (a subject I find incredibly fascinating) than anything that could be described as "hacking", even in the broadest sense of the word.

One brain-fact that I keep coming back to in day-to-day life (unmentioned by this article) is that the brain really only picks out and interprets bits and pieces of the total content received by the optic nerve, hence the idea that you can't remember exactly what color x was on day y. The brain then simply fills in the rest of the mundane data with assumptions. I'm not sure if it's fair to say that it "generates" that mundane data (mundata, as I previously mistyped) since it's never stored anywhere (otherwise the assumptions of your brain would be stored as actual memories, which think would be quite misleading) but you don't actively notice anything missing. It's quite a fascinating topic... this might have inspired me to do some more research for a proper post later.