Fine Structure

Dan Falk's In Search of Time

Backreaction had Dan Falk guest author over there the other day on his somewhat recent book, In Search of Time, about the nature of time. Dan's post is just a brief mention of our leap second and then some questions to ponder about time, but it's interesting because it seems to be on some very large brains* currently - just from my casual noticing through the science blogs I read. Time isn't popularly famous for being "figured out" since by most standards it just works and by scientific standards, it hasn't been figured out. That said, Falk mentions that Einstein had clearly put some thought towards the discrepency between the physical world and the equations that describe it, so this isn't exactly a new issue we're dealing with, just a perplexing one.

I think time could be the new quantum mechanics, and the next decade could see a lot more research going into the nature of time.

* I just finished Gladwell's Outliers this weekend and I already feel bad for describing people who are known to produce good physics work as "big brained" since variation in brain size clearly has nothing to do with it.