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Cooking With Jacobs Ladder

Yes, you can cook (very liberal use of the word cook) with a Jacobs ladder. This video proves it.

And while we're at it: you can also make glass with one of those classic grills and a vacuum. Worth watching, even if for no other reason than the amount of fire involved.


That Jacobs ladder video reminds me of a history professor at out university. He was going to give a talk about something and he wanted some "sciency stuff" in the background. Specifically, he wanted a Jacobs ladder. We (the physics department) told him that we did not have such a device. Generally, you can't even buy them because they can be quite dangerous.

I am not sure I would feel comfortable sticking cheese in one of those.

November 14, 2008
6:29 PM

From Rhett

Rhett, I suppose obeying a "don't touch!" sign is too much to ask of some people - last time I saw one of these it was surrounded with a thick plastic shield!

November 17, 2008
4:13 PM

From Nick