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How Big Is This Space Elevator Anyways?

The Space Elevator blog links to a Discovery article on the scale of space elevatoring. Ben Shelef throws some numbers out like lifting "three complete International Space Stations -- per day!" which is really kind of a silly thing to say (I can see the pay-per-soundbite market is still strong). The space elevator blog makes some good observations about this technology in general though:

"...take a look at the history of railroads in this country (or in any country).  As soon as the freight capacity was there, people came up with all sorts of things to send from Chicago to Oregon or New York to Los Angeles.  Once this capability was put into place, people began shipping stuff cross-country that once seemed fanciful; everything from refrigerated food and automobiles to raw materials, people and livestock."

Having an efficient way to put stuff into space is going to change everything, just like freight trains and planes changed the locality of now-common goods.