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No Bose Supernovas for the LHC

The Large Hadron Collider also won't explode in a giant "Bose supernova". Less world-endy but it would be quite dangerous to those working at the LHC since it's bathing in 700,000 liters of superfluid helium. Also, added a question - "What's the deal with bose einstein condensate?"


There was some concern that CERN's commitment to safety analysis is lacking. I don't know about accitental incidents with BOCs (Bose-Einstein Condensates), but some purposeful experiments have a few scientists concerned. More here: Collider Incidents
(May 24th, 2008)

September 29, 2008
4:37 PM

From JTankers

Your web site cites no real evidence that "[It is] plausible to believe that bosenova implosions from Bose-Einstein Condensates with attractive interactions might theoretically create the same type of micro black holes", only an unlinked, offhanded remark that "Papers published by the MIT team appear to indicate this."

In other words, please take your unfounded fear-mongering elsewhere.

September 29, 2008
4:43 PM

From Nick