Fine Structure

August Wrap-Up

It's September at your favorite blogging institution and I feel the need to update readers with a short State of the Blog.

Officially, Fine Structure has been around for more than a year although we've really only been consistently posting since the late spring. And it shows! We were steady through April and May, then we improved our readership for June and July, oh and then we more than doubled our pageviews for August!

We were linked to more than once. It was a good month.

Our Official Readership as stated by our feed republisher, FeedBurner, is lingering around 30 - easily three times as popular as it was going into August. I think of this as our real indicator of popularity since searches bring the great majority of the traffic to Fine Structure and they fluctuate wildly (our LHC post is currently very popular, as you could guess). People who subscribe to the feed actually want to read on a regular basis!

The schedule (and I need a schedule) going forward will be roughly one serious post a week while keeping with the mostly daily links. I don't have any shortage of ideas for posts so it really just boils down to sitting down, doing some research and writing a post. In fact, I usually find more tangential questions to answer by doing that very thing. A good start!

Being that I work at a blogging company, there are always improvements to the blog in the pipeline. Keep a sharp eye out.

And finally, shamelessly: Link to us! Subscribe to us! Let us know what we can do better!