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Brian Greene: The Universe on a String [video]

TED does this curious thing where they'll record all the sessions from their conference every year and then only put them on the web selectively over a number of years. This particular talk on string theory by Brian Greene is from 2005 and it was just released recently. I recall parts of his animations from a NOVA special he did which I saw in late 2003 so it's even less recent and very high-level. It is fascinating to see his presentation just before the media started reporting negatively on string theory though. He does mention falsification briefly at the end though, indicating that he either a) he knew there were a ton of smart people in the audience or b) people had already starting getting on string theorists' case about falsifiability in early 2005. I don't think Greene's style in this presentation is very good, in fact, I think he looks a little ill. I don't recall thinking that the 2003 NOVA special was poorly presented though so maybe he really was ill. Small version below, see this page for a larger version.